Exploring Iskanderkul Lake

Exploring Iskanderkul Lake, Tajikistan tours

The name of the tour: Exploring Iskanderkul Lake

Arrival to: Dushanbe

Departure from: Dushanbe

Visiting landmarks: Dushanbe, Iskanderkul, Hissor

Day 1: Dushanbe
Today your guide will wait for you in the airport and transfer to Dushanbe. You will explore today the amazing sights such as Rudake Park, National library, White House, National state seal, and House of parliament. This day you will also wander in National park to shoot pictures of Ministry of Inner Affairs and the biggest National Flag in the world - 165 m high pole, 30 m wide, 60 m long. In course of the tour you will discover Central Museum and Gurminj Museum of traditional musical instruments. Today you can enjoy shopping in the Asian Bazaar, where you will find colorful goods and fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also buy souvenirs. Today you will see the most significant places of the Tajik capital and get acquainted with some of the customs and traditions of the country. The overnight is in the hotel.

Day 2: Dushanbe - Iskanderkul Lake
Today you will direct to masterpiece of nature high Mountain lake - Iskanderkul. This is the gem of the Fann mountains. You will have a chance to overlook the fabulous land of Central Asia. You will drive today via gorgeous Anzob pass (3 372 m) where you will enjoy the spectacular panorama views. You will have a chance to stroll and explore the nature of the lake. This is the real paradise for resting. The tour route will take you today to waterfall. Tajikistan and its water resources: it has the highest water reserves of all Central Asian countries with more than 1 000 rivers, 2 000 lakes and 8000 glaciers.

Day 3: Iskanderkul - Dushanbe - Hissor
After breakfast you will transfer to Dushanbe. After you will lead 35 km where you can reach visit Hissor fortress (VII-XVII centuries). Archaeological research has shown that starting from the end of the bronze age and throughout the following millennia, the Hissor fortress was the center of an extensive historical network of archaeological and architectural monuments. It was the first Neolithic monument found in southern Tajikistan by academician A. P. Okladnikov in 1946. the Hissor fortress is the Palace of one of the beks of the Emirate of Bukhara. In the middle ages, Hissor was a city known for its Handicrafts and market center. In the XVIII - XIX centuries, it became the Hissor Bek Kingdom - one of the 28 possessions of the Bukhara Emirate. There are also other fascinating landmarks such as: the recently restored monuments of "Madrasa I Kuhna" (new school of 16th-17th centuries), mosque; the mausoleum of "Mahdumi Azam" (16th century). You will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 4: Dushanbe - Airport
In the morning is transfer to airport. 

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