Kyrgyzstan is a great country, settled between the Uzbek deserts, Kazakh steppes, Tajikistan and Western China. The majestic Tien Shan and Pamir Mountains run athwart the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan. These mountains have transformed Kyrgyzstan into a land of glaciers, noisy mountain rivers and streams, vast snow fields, flower-rich Alpine meadows and lush, fertile valleys. 

Traveling to Kyrgyzstan, our dear guests have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the former equestrian nomadic culture and the life of the Kyrgyz on the spot. At the same time, Kyrgyzstan is ideal for those tourists who go on a journey, first of all, for new knowledge about the history and culture of peoples, for impressions from meeting new people. On its territory there are more than five thousand historical and cultural monuments of bygone times and peoples. This is the history of Kyrgyzstan itself, which is worth learning during the tour. 

The high-mountain non-freezing Lake Issyk Kul is unique. Issyk Kul has a wonderful climate in the coastal zone, golden sandy beaches. Issyk Kul is a real pearl of this mountainous region. 

All this is amazing Kyrgyzstan, which will always warmly welcome all its travelers! Rather travel to Kyrgyzstan and enjoy your tour.

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