Kyrgyzstan scientist

In 1859, Tash-Rabat looked outstanding Kazakh scientist Charles Valikhanov, returning with a caravan from Kashgar. His work contains the following description of the monument: "The building is composed of slabs of shale, has 12 yards of length and width of about 7. A long corridor leads into the circular hall (5 yards in radius) with a spherical toroidal dome, the sides of the corridor made little low doors., These doors lead into small square "and oblong rooms. Inside and outside the building that was once vyshtukature but. "He further said that in some places preserved Arabic inscriptions, number of rooms, according to the local residents, up 40-41, and that the Kirghiz this building is an object of worship, and that months for sacrifice, as originally it was a discount. The building, according to him, belongs to an ancient era.
In 1867, Tash-Rabat examines a prominent Russian scientist NA Severtsev. In the same year it is visited by another Russian study Heater FR Osten-Sacken, who gives his description: the size, layout, material from which the monument was built, etc. Moreover, the researcher noted, and such a fact that "the walls are inscribed the traveler vennikami that took place here with the caravans. " It is noteworthy that FR Osten-Sacken recalls article Valikhanov, which contains a description of Tash-Rabat.

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