Kyrgyzstan monument

Paid attention to the monument and the famous Russian orientalist VV (Barthold, who visited in 1894 in the Bashi Valley, which  rum, however, did not personally inspect the monument. But in his paper "Report on a trip to Central Asia with a scientific purpose" published in 1897, posted two pictures of the monument. In "Essay on the history of the Seven Rivers," by VV Bartold, referring to Mohammed Haider, with the erection of buildings prescribes  zealous distributor ma  Islamist Mohammed Khan, who died in 1416
But the most detailed survey of Tash-Rabat held NN Pantueov. In his work, published in 1902, contains a de Talnoe description of the monument as a whole and its parts. It also placed the plan, sections and photos of Tash-Rabat. Speaking on the appointment of the monument, N. Pantusov considered him "the monastery, which, together with the assistance and filed a shelter to visitors." Publication of Tash-Rabat in the interpretation of Pantusova was so complete that it subse  accordance repeatedly drawn to the study of the monument by other researchers, it retains its value even today.


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