"Travel experts" has many years of successful experience in organizing tours of any complexity and subject. We are equally effective in organizing trips in any region-from the high mountains and deserts of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia to ancient cities, and therefore we are happy to undertake the implementation of even the most complex and non-standard tours!

The advantage of working with us is that by contacting the company , you can order tours that unites several republics at the same time, thus avoiding long searches for operators in each country. Moreover, we practice an individual approach to our tourists, and any of our programs can be optimized according to your wishes. Our team also offers car rent service for your convenient. If you are interested to arrange your own small group to make tours with our exclusive cars, then we are able to offer an end to end tour planning service for tours across Kyrgyzstan.

The friendly team of "Travel experts" sincerely loves our sunny land, where the cheerful sun above your head is the norm of life, where in autumn the stalls of bazaars are bursting with an abundance of juicy fruits, and every tourist for us is not just a "client", but a real guest, to whom we are sincerely happy in Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries. And we try to offer our guests not a standard impersonal tourist service, but to organize a warm and welcoming welcome, to guide you through the most interesting roads of Central Asia, to show and tell as much as possible, so that you have only the warmest memories of the trip, and you want to come back here again.

Each agency works according to several principles and make tours different complexity. Our company with great pleasure will create tour regarding to your wishes and add hiking, trekking and horse riding. Usually nights are spent in hotels, guest houses and yurts. With first two ones you have already get acquainted. We should admit that yurts do not include toilets and showers. It is about feeling ancient atmosphere. 

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