Guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able explore a charming and rich nature of the country during their travel tour with rent a car service. You can use our cars for rent and travel around Kyrgyzstan exploring an incredible beauty of the nature. Our travel company is expert in providing tours around Central Asian countries with rent a car service; in this case, it is the tour in small country such as Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is a land of wonderful nature, rich natural resources that spread to west, south, east, north and being the neighbor to various other countries.

When we are talking about nature, first we should note that Kyrgyzstan is covered mostly by mountains. Travelers of the state can notice during their tout with cars for rent service that about 90% being at the heights, with about 80% being the great Tien Shan mountains. In addition, our amazing Kyrgyzstan has some popular peaks, which can be reached by professionals. As it was said before our country is rich for natural resources and even gold is minding here. Mostly gold can be minded in in Talas Province, the area surrounding the Chatkal River, Makmal, and Kumtor Mine.

In Kyrgyzstan, it is also possible to investigate nature by visiting lakes and rivers during your tour with cars for rent. So, Kyrgyzstan has a lot of beautiful lakes and rivers, namely, there are about 4,000 rivers and almost 2,000 lakes at the territory. Some of these rivers are suitable for rafting. Well, you can just rent a car and start to travel around such an interesting land.

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Many tourists tend to use cars for rent and visit some famous Kyrgyzstan's natural parks, in order to explore pure nature of the country. Moreover, this is good idea to travel to Issyk Kul region with a purpose to see the State Reserve of Issyk Kul that was based in 1948. There are you will be able to see such wild animals as snow leopards, Siberian goats, Marcopolo, brown bear are very popular. To summing up, we should note that the park is the territory of about 1329 hectares, but 687 hectares are the forests.

Alternatively, rent a car and travel to the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, namely, to Jalal Abad region, in order to explore the nature through the Biosphere Reserve of Sary Chelek. The park was based in 1960, and it was created with an aim to protect the forests and landscapes of the territory. Travelers during their tour can explore another national park called Ala Archa that is situated not far from the capital of Kyrgyzstan. By the way, due to its location, it is considered the most visited park. Every tourist who travels here can explore the flora and fauna of this park and just walk about the paved path.

Here one more national park about what we want to tell, and this is the National Park of Chon Kemin in the south of the Chon Kemin valley. This park of Kyrgyzstan was created in 1997 and its territory takes about 123 hectares. It was decided to create this park as people wanted to save nature, forests and flora with fauna.

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