Dungan chapel

Kyrgyzstan has a lot of interesting sights on its territory, and can boast of its excellent facilities. During the tours, anyone can visit an interesting place like the Dungan mosque and explore its territory. This is one of the most famous places in Kyrgyzstan of religious significance. During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore the interesting history of the mosque.

As it is known that in 1877 people from China left their territories on the run, you will be able to explore this during your tour today. After arriving, they formed a community. After this event, later in 1907, the famous architect Zhou Xia was invited. People decided to build a mosque, invited about 20 people to the business and began to produce materials for its construction. After that, they got a building built without metal and nails.

Tourists of our company will be able to rent a car, enjoy the views of the mosque on their own or in the company of a guide. You can use the services of car rental from our company and find out what the colors of the mosque mean. So during the tours in Krygyzstan, you can learn that red means protection from evil spirits, yellow is the personification of richness, and green reflects happiness.

When the Soviet Union existed, people did not have the right to believe in God, much less to visit religious places. And in tours of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore what it was like in the 20th century. In the Second World War, there were heavy losses and casualties and so the Muslims allocated a large amount of money. In turn, the Soviet government allowed Muslims to visit the mosque. To go on tours in Kyrgyzstan, our guests can rent a car, explore a lot of the country and enjoy a trip to the city of Karakol, and explore the Dungan Mosque.

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