Kyrgyz national cuisine is a synthesis of the ancient nomadic culture of the Kyrgyz people and the borrowing of dishes and recipes of more than 80 nationalities and nationalities living in Kyrgyzstan, as well as neighbors of Uzbekistan and China. The way of life of the nomads was a constant movement from place to place on the steppes and among the mountains, in cold and warm weather, and therefore their food was high in calories and nutritious. The main food of the Kyrgyz was boiled meat ( lamb, horse meat, yak) and dairy (sheep and mare) products. The modern Kyrgyz cuisine includes traditional dishes of Russian, Dungan, Uzbek and Korean culinary traditions. While having car rent you can take with yourself some foods which popular in Kyrgyzstan for take away.

In Central Asia, bread is served with the first and second courses, as well as with tea, so there are a lot of varieties of national tortillas here. It is broken off by hand, not cut with a knife. In tours you can also taste boorsok and lepeshka. It is really tasty during the car rent tours.

Beshbarmak - finely chopped boiled meat with noodles, while in the south pilaf is more popular, borrowed apparently from the settled Asian peoples.

Boiled national product, with an excellent ratio of aromatic horse meat and kaza, as well as spices.

Kuurdak is the oldest dish of our cattle-breeding ancestors. In the conditions of Central Asia, with its long, hot summer, the preparation of kuurdak was literally dictated by nature itself, the economic way of life, the way of life. Kuurdak for long-term storage was prepared as follows: the meat was fried in a large amount of peretopennogo interior fat, added onions, garlic and filled with the finished kuurdak kutyr (processed and dried in the form of a vessel stomach). The meat was filled with fat, the neck of the kutyr was tightly tied and a kind of tin " can " was ready.

Shorpo is a rich soup that is brewed in Muslim countries in the East. This dish will diversify the usual family menu. In the classic version, the broth is cooked on lamb, but you can try any meat. Spices and herbs in the composition will add amazing taste notes to the soup.

Plov is a traditional dish that every resident  should be able to cook. This delicious dish is prepared from very simple ingredients: rice, meat, spices, carrots and onions. Plov is served as a daily dish and festive-especially for events such as weddings, return from pilgrimage, birth of a child, anniversaries, funerals, as well as to help those in need. The history of pilaf goes back to ancient times.

In fact, samsa is a baked puff pastry, but with a unique aroma and taste of the East. It is good food for car rent tours in Kyrgyzstan.

Manty is a traditional Asian hot meat dish. Dough with meat filling, steamed, this is the manty. The preparation of this dish in different peoples has its own characteristics.

Lagman is a Central Asian national dish that is prepared from meat, vegetables and long-drawn noodles. The dish in its finished form can be similar to soup or noodles with gravy and complex filling

Ashlyam - Fu
Ashlyam fu has gained mass popularity and has become in demand. From the root, it is considered the national dish of the Uyghurs and Dungans. But for example, in Kyrgyzstan, Karakol (Issyk-Kul) ashlyam fu has been recognized as the best for many years.

Shashlyk is meat which made on fire with different species. You should taste it during tours!

Dymlyama is steamed. Add different vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes and meat.

Ganfan is similar in preparation to lagman. The gravy is almost the same with different vegetables. Only boiled rice is served as a side dish instead of noodles.

It is a Slavic soup with vegetables and meat. Kyrgyz people cook this dish often. May be among our guests will be found volunteers who would like to taste.

For cutlets, any meat brought to the state of minced meat is suitable, so there are chicken cutlets (chicken cutlets), turkey cutlets, beef cutlets. But a cutlet recipe doesn't have to include an ingredient like meat.

It is a Turkish, Persian, and Mongolian dry fermented milk product. Kurut was invented by the nomads of Central Asia and it is a salty dried cottage cheese made on the basis of sheep, goat, cow or even camel milk. The biggest advantage of kurut is that it can be stored for a very long time and it is not afraid of temperature changes. Properly prepared kurut is suitable for food for 8 years.

The taste of this soup is difficult to compare with something - it's something like lagman (if you tried it), filled with delicious broth, with dumplings.

Pelmeni are dumplings of Russian cuisine that consist of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough

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