Before, I didn't want to go to travel to Kyrgyzstan at all, as this country is not popular. But after the trip of my friends who were shocked by the beauty of the Kyrgyz nature, I decided to see with my own eyes and come here myself. To be honest, I was delighted. Why is everyone silent and no one notices this amazing country? This is a paradise for travelers. Nicely warm tasty and of course hospitable! I recommend to come to Kyrgyzstan and get unforgettable emotions!

Mary, Feedback 


I would like to note that it is really cool in Kyrgyzstan! Clean air, tasty and not expensive food in general, the service here is high-quality and comfortable. I came here in winter and was amazed at how beautiful Kyrgyzstan is in winter! This is a fairy tale about which so many are silent. I would like to advise all travel companies to improve conditions for winter tours!

James, Feedback 


Oh God, how beautiful Kyrgyzstan is! Majestic mountains with a rich cultural heritage, flora and fauna with unique views and the food is ummm! People are so cute and smile all the time. I would like to come here again.

Patricia, Feedback 


This was my first experience in Central Asia. I decided to travel here on the recommendation of my friends who visited Kyrgyzstan last summer. My itinerary for the first round was short but very informative. I liked the city tour of the capital Bishkek and the horse ride. Thanks!

Robert, Feedback 


I would like to leave only positive feedback on the most beautiful countries of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It's just wow! Firstly, unique mountains, nature and, of course, hospitable people, and secondly, delicious food that I really liked! As a meat lover, I can say that there is a lot, a lot of meat, and the most important thing is that the products here are environmentally friendly. So, organic lovers will like not only Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, but all of Central Asia. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Jennifer, Feedback 

I want to say a big thank you to the great team who organized a quality and most importantly safe tour for me and my family. We had a great time and aesthetic pleasure. This was one of the special tours we chose Kyrgyzstan. As mountain lovers, we have chosen the perfect place to have fun. Our route was long and during this time we remember all the places we visited. My family and I were delighted with Lake Issyk Kul where we managed to swim in Son Kul, many gorges like Ala Archa, we also visited cities like Osh and Jalal Abad, and so on. Our list is endless. Our tour in Kyrgyzstan will be remembered for a long time. Perhaps we will come here again.

Marta, Feedback 

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