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Therefore two real solutions of the above tactical problems were identified.
As the first was called a gradual increase in the final demand of the population due to tightening of income in the developed level of prices on the basis of indexation mechanism for periodic review or wage. However, as between increased demand and response to it was objectively manufacturers break in time increase in cash income, usually leads to higher prices. Consequently, the inflation path, which provides no increase in production. And it was rejected in the mid-90's as a partly admissible and unpromising for the Uzbek model.
Second, many countries have passed (in particular, South Korea), was to strengthen state regulation of rising prices, inflation, delays, enabling the national economy sustainable development and the gradual tightening income. Of course, there were also costs associated with additional difficulties in maintaining a balance in the market in short supply of resources and limiting the growth and structure of prices. In turn, in this respect the positive aspects of reform, namely the termination of skyrocketing prices, which was the main condition for increasing production, investment, movement of capital from the sphere of production of steel in the most visible.

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