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Kyrgyzstan nomads

Further study of this remarkable building has become a matter of Soviet scholars.
In 1937, Tash-Rabat, along with other antiquities of the Tien Shan, examines the expedition under the leadership of BM Winter.
Much work on the monument was completed in 1940 a group of architects in the country: MG Polishchuk, GA Sioux tyagin, VK Zimievsky, which held its measurements and detailed photographic images. In the same year the monument looked Il'yasov, now the Academy of Sciences of the Kirghiz SSR, which is followed by VK Zimievskim dated the construction of the 1485-1505 years.
In 1944, the Tash-Rabat examine Tian-Shano-Alai Skye archaeological expedition under the leadership of Bernshtam. In 1950 Stitch la publication of his book "Landmarks Kyrgyz Republic", a chapter is devoted to Tash-Rabat. The basis of the head was laid publication NN Pantusova. Assuming that the monument caravanserai, he nevertheless believed that the architecture of the building has had a strong influence of the nomads. "Looking at the roof of the Tash-Rabat - he wrote - can not escape the impression that it was a petrified camp of nomads with a large yurt in the center of the rich." - Cultural tours in Kyrgyzstan.       - Biking of mountain ranges. - Mountains are included in these tours. - Include a trekking part in you tour. - Kyrgyz tours for horse riding.             


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