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Kyrgyzstan manuscript

In 1952 he published a paper on the Tash-Rabat, GA Pugachenkova which, by analysis of art and latitude affected in  switchgrass stands out among all the publications of the monument. Go  Vorya of his appointment, it is believed that this was a caravanserai with measure  chetyu, and the time of construction - second or third decade of the XV century.
An extensive chapter devoted to Tash-Rabat in his manuscript "Archi  tekturnye monuments Kyrgyzstan" (1955) BN Zasypkin in which to the vast architectural and archaeological research on the monuments  nick with a view to its restoration. During the three years of work (1978-1980 gg.) Were obtained materials that have a lot to the overall character  istics of the monument.
Tash-Rabat is located 70 km south of the ruins of the fort Co-xoy-Korgon (medieval town Atbashi). It is located on the bank. Tash-Rabat (the first tributary of the river. Kara Koyun), one of the deepest usche  ly Atbashi ridge. - We have all trekking tours. - These pages are for families.  - Tours for young people. - Travel among nomads. - Fixed date tours. - A list of guides for horse riding.        - main places to be visited in Kyrgyzstan.          


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