Kyrgyzstan article

In 1871, Tash-Rabat visited Colonel Volkov, who leads with information about the paintings that have survived in some places on the walls.
Interesting and detailed information about the Tash-Rabat is contained in the article by M. Fetisov, looking around the monument in 1878 he thought he was something of a "strannoprimnogo house," where free-ostanavli valis caravans and wanderers. AM Fetisov noted its similarity with discounts that were present on the road from Shymkent to Tashkent.
"In 1886, Tash-Rabat examine Dr. NL Zealand. His description of the monument is more complete than previous studies teley. He made a drawing of the monument, and subsequently presented at the disposal of the Turkestan Circle of Archaeology enthusiasts in Tashkent photo Tash-Rabat. Speaking about his appointment, NL Ze landscape suggested that the monument was an iconic building, not a caravanserai.
Some general information is contained in a newspaper article by Voitsekhovich, published in 1894 It is shown, and two Kyrgyz legends of Tash-Rabat.


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